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The View

Collaborators: Ming-Jen Hsueh

Role: Landscape Architect / Project Lead

Status: 2015 Sasaki Fabrication Lab Design Competition Winner

Location: Boston, MA

The Idea Is Simple: 
Our idea is to project the contextual informational layer on the standard site features, and let everyone enjoy, learn, and experience it. 

A Toolkit for The Designers:
During the design process, we usually rely on the vendors to have the quality-controlled but standard site features. Often times, the luxury of custom-made becomes a challenging task due to the budget, schedule, or technology concerns. The site features can be more fun and incorporated with many ideas. We tried to create a tool kit that can be easily applied when the designers have the ideas to test out and fabricate. The source could be a 3-dimensional object, beautiful imagery, or the endangered species habitat of the area. There are also several ways to project the information on to a surface, depending on the effect you would like to create. It can also be further developed for a custom light fixture, paving patterns, fountain wall, and many possible collaborations. 

Fabrication for Fun: 
We tried to make the front entrance fence an interesting demonstration. While maintaining visual penetration, the fence can tell more about the story of the space. We tested an image of a tree to see if the fence could blur the boundary of perception. The shadow of the fence and the actual tree would interact and blend. With the second tool, the elevation profile of the trees could be seen from a certain view angle and be felt while walking into the main entrance of the building. The tree image is just a start to help create a new identity of the unknown fence with a fabrication soul. Next year, when the turtle is back for hatching, she may feel like returning to a different home. 


3D Printed Prototype

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