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Collaborators: Ryan Ort

Role: Landscape Architect / Lead Designer

Status: 2013 COLDSCAPES New Visions for Cold Weather Cities Competition Winner

Learn More: ▶︎Urban Infill Vol. 6 Publication

More than 50% percent of livable space in the world has an average winter temperature below 15 Celsius. Winter recreation grounds and unique landscapes are the main attractions for outdoor activities. In today’s world, it is important to consider the reuse of materials wherever possible, advocating for sustainable design practice. Our design emphasizes on the use of recycled and locally-sourced materials and promotes the use of native plant species.  POLAR77 creates a cold-friendly space by using shipping containers recycled from nearby ports, and native hardy plants. Shipping containers is one of the most recyclable and conveniently sourced industrial wastes.  Building on their durable materiality, flexibility, and modularity, they can be easily converted and combined to host winter outdoor programs. The shipping containers can be used alone or stacked for a wide range of activities, such as sledding and skiing hills, snow forts and playhouses, gardens, outdoor amphitheaters, warming huts, and cafés with locally sourced food and beverages.

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