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Bët-bi Art Museum

Collaborators: Aziza Chaouni Projects, Transsolar

Role: Landscape Architect

Status: Invited Competition - Second Place

Location: Kaolack, Senegal


Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and Le Korsa will fund a new museum and center for culture and community near Kaolack in Senegal. The museum and community center will be called Bët-bi, meaning "the eye" in Wolof. It will showcase contemporary and historical African art combined with an educational component. Besides hosting guest curator programs with other African and international museums, the museum will be staffed by local curators and museum professionals. As a part of ACP's invited design team to participate in the preliminary design phase of the competition, ScenesLab was the landscape architect on the project designing the outdoor grounds and productive landscape features with public space programs. 

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