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Taiping Interlace: Huangshan Taiping Lake Master Plan (Work Completed at Sasaki Associates) 

Role: Lead Landscape Designer / Project Manager 

Status: Master Plan Completed 2016 

Location: Huangshan, China


Taiping Reservoir is located among one of the most scenic mountainous areas in China.  As nearby cities continue to expand, Taiping Reservoir must develop in harmony with its surrounding natural resources. The project is located on the south shore of Taiping Lake. It is a part of the Huangshan Taiping Lake Scenery Area. The primary task for the project is to develop a compelling vision for the 132-hectare site. The master plan includes a diverse mix of programs and an active public space system, appealing to a broad range of audiences to visit and stay.

The project applied Net Usable Land Area (NULA) as a development guideline, using GIS site analysis as principles for developable area recommendations. The Nature Spin and Culture Spin highlight the natural and cultural assets of the area, guiding the design and development strategies at the site level. 


A successful tourism destination is more than just a collection of standard hotels and luxury resorts - it is also creating a sense of belonging, developing the appreciation for local culture and its natural resources, and cultivating a memorable experience. The Taiping interlace will be one of the few oases in China that will be able to provide this exquisite adventure. 

Diagrams and Images Courtesy of Sasaki Associates 

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