Wendy's proposal "Innovative Digital Media Education: Promote Collaboration through a Hybrid Teaching Model and Inclusive Content in Remote Learning" in a joint effort with Shaine Wong has been selected by Boston Architectural College’s Faculty Development Project (FDP) Grant Program to receive funding.


It is happening! Bike lanes are coming to the Brooklyn Bridge this year says Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City. ▶︎ Learn More About the "Bridges for the People" Plan From the New York Times




The "Experimentation as a Public Engagement Strategy in the Bridge X Proposal for Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge" paper Wendy co-authored has been selected for a poster session at the 2021 Transportation Research Board(TRB) Annual Meeting and for further assessment by the TRR Editorial Board for publication.


Wendy starts her first week of teaching at the Boston Architectural College for Fall 2020, leading visual thinking, graphics communication and representation, and Architecture Studio 3.


Watch the final showdown of the Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge Competiton where Wendy presented SceneLab's proposal Bridge X. ▶︎ Starts at 44:50


Wendy served as Professional Design Assistant for the Harvard University Executive Education Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP) Class 20. 


$1.5 million grant from the National Park Service, and William Penn Foundation and the City of Philadelphia kicks off the renovation plan for Mifflin Square Park. ▶︎To Learn More





Wendy kicks off the first week of teaching at the Boston Architectural College leading visual thinking, graphics communication, and representation courses for Spring 2020.




Wendy participated in the final review of University of Southern California's MLA 3rd-year studio "Academi Terrain: Academic Terrain's New Directions in School Landscape Design". 





Wendy presented at the ArchitectureBoston Expo #thisislandscapearchitecture event.





Representing one of the nine finalists for the “Aim for the Sky: The Buffalo Skyway Corridor Competition” hosted by Empire State Development, Wendy and Shannon Hasenfratz presented Buffalo Up!'s Vision to fellow panelists chaired by Empire State Development Chairman Howard Zemsky, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, and local and national experts in the fields of architecture, design, urban planning, and transportation. 





Wendy discusses the use of VR tools and platforms in practice ▶︎To Learn More